Denman Ranch today is a 6.6 acre winery, community and vineyard that was the original homestead of a large dairy ranch founded in the 19th century that once stretched over 2,000 acres. Much of the land was sold off in the early 20th century as Highway 101 was built and a cluster of office parks were added next to the original farmstead. In the early 1980s the Lawrence family established the Eagle Ridge Winery here, turning the historic creamery building (a county landmark) into a winery, adding a tasting room and planting three acres of wine grapes on the property.

That venture ceased in the 1990s and the property was purchased by Ulysses Torassa in 2013 as her home.

In 2014, Sonoma Aperitif, a local aperitif maker, re-established the wine making facilities and it has since attracted additional artisanal beverage makers including Acre and Spade (hard cider), Pansy Valley (red wine blend) and the Brewer’s Beer Barn, a home brew club. 

In addition, the vineyard was replanted in 2019 with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Later in 2020, the ranch will be producing its own wine under its own Denman Ranch label.

Property is managed by the extraordinary Robert Clink. He is a man of many hats as well as an amazing artist in his own rights, beloved by all. When you stop by he will be the guy with the great smile eager to greet you.